Lower Elementary

Young children are explorers and observers and Tronix Team’s Lower Elementary aged projects are designed to help students understand the world around them.

electric boatElectric Propeller Boat:

Discover the wonders of engineering and technology by building an exciting, electric boat from scratch!  Design the boat’s frame, install a motor, construct a propeller, and attach the power supply. The project is ideal for summertime and for locations that have access to a launch site for the final day! For students in Kindergarten through 5th grade.

electric fanMotors & Magnets Workshop:

For younger elementary students in grades 3 through 5, the Magnets & Motors workshop provides an exciting introduction to magnetism and electricity. Students build a water-based compass and get to take it home. They learn how a motor works through a series of educational demonstrations, and then build a small electric fan they get to keep.  The culmination of the workshop is to create a “Purring Present” that combines what students learned about magnets and motors in one fun take-home project! For students in 1st  through 3rd grade.

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