Middle School +

Middle school level projects take the basic concepts of electricity and simple circuits to the next level.  Trained Tronix Team staff help students create circuit boards from scratch and learn about the energy transfer processes that make these projects work!  Students are involved in the entire construction process from taping and etching circuit boards, soldering electrical components, and drilling and installing finished circuit boards during  final assembly of the project.

Lunchbox Boombox:

Using soldering irons, electric drills, glue guns, and real electronic components students create their own Lunchbox Boombox, complete with mp3 player that they can load with all their favorite music!  This is truly a challenging and rewarding project where students gain real engineering knowledge and experience. This project is great for students in 5th – 12th grade.

Microphone Microphone:

Use soldering irons, electric drills, glue guns, and electronic components to create a circuit board and microphone!  Take it home and sing karaoke! This project is great for students in 5th – 12th grade.

taylor_popcanPop Can Buzzer:

In this project students will be turning a pop can into a speaker that emits different sounds based on a circuit board that they will put together using soldering irons and electric drills!  The Tin Can Buzzer is recommended for students in 5th through 8th grade.

DSC04154 Electric Guitar and Amplifier:

In the first part of this project students  assemble and tune an acoustic 4-string  guitar fitted with an audio pick-up to plug into any guitar amplifier.  Take this project one step farther in the optional second part of the project! Go from acoustic to electric by building an amplifying circuit board and install it in a portable plastic container.  Use soldering irons and power drills to create a homemade rock band!  Great for students in 5-12 grade.

Talking boxTalking Box:

Using soldering irons and electrical components, students will design and create their own circuit boards.  They will then combine handmade and manufactured circuit boards to produce a surprise package that says your recorded message any time you open the lid.  Best for students in 6th-8th grade.

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