Upper Elementary

Upper elementary aged students have developed an understanding of the world around them and are able to draw connections between observations and ideas.  Tronix Team provides projects from its popular workshop, “Circuit Games” that are designed to build on the concepts behind simple circuits and an understanding of electricity and magnetism by turning theory into reality.  These fun projects engage students in the creative design of projects and helps them build confidence in their use of tools and techniques to produce a number of “Circuit Games” to take home.

Directions for some of “Circuit Games” most popular activities can be downloaded below:


Use a motor and a special magnetic switch to create a surprise box.  Fool your friends by pretending you captured a humming bird or a woodpecker inside your present!  Click to Download

Conductive Obstacle Course: Click to Download

Draw Bot:

Using a motor and a little bit of ingenuity, create a spirograph robot!  Attach markers to the sides of the robot using rubber bands and watch it draw you beautiful works of art!  Click to Download

electric fanElectric Fan:

Use a 9V battery and a motor to create your own personal air conditioner.  This project can be as simple as turning on a switch or as complex as cooling the room of a doll house. Click to Download



electric mazeElectric Marble Maze:

Design a maze outfitted for a special conductive marble!  Challenge your friends to beat the maze by turning on the light bulb at the end.  Click to Download

Flashlights (of all shapes and sizes):

Simple circuits make great flashlights!  Make them easy or complicated by designing your own holder and switch.  There are so many options! Flashlight (Standard) or Flashing Flashlight (with LEDs)


Follow the secret path through this maze to get your player safely from start to finish.  You know you’re on the right path if the light turns on.  Don’t fall off the path or you’ll have to start over!

LED Jewelry:

Using recycled materials and a basic understanding of circuits, use LEDs and coin cell batteries to make jewelry that lights up!  There is no end to design possibilities with this activity!

LED name tagLED Name Tag:

LED lights are can do some pretty awesome things!  In this project, use soldering irons and hand held drills to make your own light up name plate!

LED Picture Frame:

Build a picture frame using jumbo craft sticks and decorate it to your heart’s content.  Then light it up with LEDs attached to a magnetic switch!

Magic Wand:

This wand isn’t magical so much as it is scientific!  Use simple materials like a recycled holiday light, clothespin, and a plastic utensil to build one powerful little light up wand!


A fresh take on an old classic! Students practice using soldering irons to connect an LED and buzzer while building their own version of the board game “Operation.”

Penguin Puzzle:

This rotating switch puzzle uses a simple circuit to tell you when you have solved it!  Match up the correct pair of penguins to turn on the light and beat this game!

Steady Hand GameSteady Hand Game:

A cousin of the game “Operation,” this Circuit Game challenges your ability to keep a steady hand!  Move the loop over the copper wire without touching it or you will be flashed “Game Over” and forced to start over!

Tin Foil Circuit Board / Lie Detector – Click to Download

wobblebotWobble Bot:

Make a simple robot using a recycled pop can, small motor, and LED light.  Touch the antenna together to start the robot shaking!  Add eyes, wings, and legs and make a Wobbling Robo-Bug!  This project is a favorite with kids and adults!  Click to Download

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